Can the human male's semen be a supstitute to the early multi vitamin dose?

* Ooooh yes! according to my studies, for the followings:-
1- semen has the essential materials to create babies with all of their various organs.
2- Semen is the most beneficial material the human body can produce.
3- Semen is more beneficial than the female's milk, so semen creates babies & milk is supporting them to grow up.
4- A dose of semen is benefiting all parts of the human bodies.
5- Allow 20 minutes before having any breakfast, so not to be fouled by other food materials.

looks like you been sucking few clocks on empty stomach. have you grown any babies yet?

Oh how gross. Never mind how you would feel about it suffering from morning sickness.....

Your studies have been accredited how? Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.

I think you need help! Have you tried it yourself?

what a way to start a day!

pass me a bucket so i can puke


"Supstitute?" You're an idiot.

rather have a bacon sandwhich

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